No Bullshit Just Hard Graft.

Our no-nonsense consulting service focuses on our client’s needs, whether this is short, mid to long term. Offering various solutions from: Sales & Marketing, organisation, operations, technology and strategy. Our expertise and hands-on approach enable us to successfully contribute to any organisation big or small.

Sales & Marketing

Develop your market and maximise your sales.

Business Development

Optimise your opportunities by stepping outside of the box.

Product & Licensing

Finding products and licensing can be a challenge, use our knowledge base.


Find solutions to work smarter and faster.


Tweak your organisation, run lean run mean.


Research, plan and implement.

Project Management

Use knowledge, skills, tools and techniques to deliver value,

Life-cycle Management

Development, introduction, growth, maturity, decline. Knowing when is key.


Staying ahead of trends and finding the best fit.